The GSCF Transformation: Welcome to Working Capital as a Service

By Natalie Silverman, CMO of GSCF 

We’re excited to usher in a new working capital era as we unveil a new brand identity and narrative, and Peridot transforms into GSCF – the only fully integrated Working Capital as a Service provider of its kind.

This exciting transformation goes beyond a visual refresh. It signifies GSCF’s commitment to elevating working capital as a strategic driver of business success. Working Capital as a Service brings together an end-to-end holistic platformexpert managed services and alternative capital solutions to support the connected capital ecosystem of suppliers, buyers and financial partners.

The Power of a Connected Capital Ecosystem

Despite ongoing challenges in the economy and throughout supply chains, balancing change management with finance transformation, disparate systems and operational models and data silos, companies that dynamically manage working capital efficiency can drive significant benefits.

Working Capital as a Service empowers the Office of the CFO by improving working capital efficiency and reducing OpEx and enables financial institutions to reduce the cost to serve their corporate clients and improve the customer experience. This leads to:

  • Improved Cash Conversion Cycles: Global analysts report improvements of 10-20% in cash conversion cycles for companies adopting these solutions.
  • Enhanced Growth Potential: Effective working capital management can free up to 20% of a company’s invested capital, allowing for strategic reinvestment.
  • Revenue Acceleration: Companies with optimized working capital are 20% more likely to achieve their revenue targets, while best-in-class performers achieve 50% higher revenue growth.
  • Unlocking Liquidity: Balance real-time liquidity needs with sustainable growth.
  • Managing Risk & Complexity: Mitigate risk and streamline the working capital lifecycle.

The Future of Working Capital

The future of working capital is collaborative and data driven. GSCF fosters a connected capital ecosystem where the Office of the CFO and financial partners work together towards common objectives of growth and efficiency. This ecosystem unlocks working capital, allowing businesses to balance immediate liquidity needs with sustainable growth strategies for long-term success. This shift empowers finance teams to move beyond back-office tasks and become strategic advisors, driving growth across the entire organization. 

Your WCaaS Transformation Journey

This is Working Capital as a Service. It’s a shift from transactional to transformative, from reactive to proactive, from cost center to profit center. Here’s how to get started:

  • Look for an end-to-end holistic platform to enable and optimize your connected capital ecosystem of suppliers, buyers and financial partners across the full working capital cycle
  • Find a trusted partner offering deep working capital domain expertise and value-added managed services
  • Get access to full risk spectrum coverage across varying customer risk profiles and geographies through alternative capital solutions
  • Utilize data-driven intelligence to dynamically manage and transform working capital into a strategic advantage

Using working capital as a strategic growth lever is an ongoing process of evolution and optimization. By embracing a strategic approach, partnering with the right WCaaS provider, and leveraging the right balance of technology, expert managed services and alternative capital, you can unlock the true potential of your working capital and turn it into the fuel that accelerates your business transformation.

Let’s Partner

Welcome to the new GSCF and Working Capital as a Service. We’re here to empower you with the tools, expertise, and connected capital ecosystem you need to unlock the full potential of your working capital. Let’s embark on your WCaaS transformation journey together. Contact us at to get started.