Structuring of tailored program

Given its deep understanding of industry practices and vast experience in SCF, GSCF can identify your company’s needs and define a bespoke program to address them. This includes the following:

Funder & insurer selection

Due to its independent ownership and established relationship with multiple funders and credit insurers, GSCF is in the best position to select the right partners for you

Operational & credit risk solutions

The programs established by GSCF are structured in a way that operational and credit risks are minimized. The entire trading process is assessed with particular focus on:

  • Improving the information flow involved in the transactions
  • Providing transparency to all parties involved
  • Tracking buyers´ payment behavior
  • Enhancing credit risk management, including the handling of credit limits and financial analysis of counterparts

Program processing & performance management

GSCF provides the required tools to efficiently manage the performance of SCF programs, offering real-time program information through the web at all times. Below are some of the functions included in GSCF´s service offering:

  • Well-designed alerting system with automated notifications
  • Highly regarded credit analysis and rating system of obligors
  • Onboarding and training of obligors
  • Watch-list management and aging reporting
  • Dedicated program website and management team
  • Management of participation and syndicated programs
  • Credit limits management
  • Vast reporting capabilities, dashboard and scorecards
  • Worldwide time, multiple language coverage
  • Quick program implementation time

Business case analysis

GSCF thoroughly studies each case in order to determine the feasibility of establishing a SCF program. The elements considered are:

For A/R products:

  • Payment terms offered to buyers and distributors
  • Use of early payment and cash discounts
  • Working capital situation of buyers
  • Company´s liquidity / advanced payment requirements
  • Sales objectives / strategy
  • Accounting objectives; off balance sheet considerations
  • Competitive standing of the company versus other market players

For A/P products:

  • The payment terms negotiated with suppliers
  • The credit rating of the company versus the suppliers´
  • Composition of the supplier base; size, distribution, negotiation power, working capital situation, geographies, etc.