Welcome to GSCF

The world leading service provider
in the Supply Chain Finance market

Summary of our services

GSCF is a service provider that structures, implements and manages financing programs based on companies’ accounts receivable and accounts payable. Via our highly-advanced technology, GSCF offers greater transparency and servicing capabilities leading to efficiencies for all stakeholders. Our experienced team speaking over 20 languages, support organizations to achieve increased competitiveness, optimized working capital and reduced credit risk exposure.

GSCF acts as a servicer to funders active in the Supply Chain Finance (“SCF”) sector and also directly to companies, facilitating the use of credit insurance at all times.

Company mission

Contribute to the healthy growth of the Supply Chain Finance market based on full transparency, automation and efficient structures that maximize the benefits for all stakeholders.

“GSCF navigates you to the future of financing”