Receivables Servicing

Suppliers and funding partners can boost administration efficiency by outsourcing all credit and collections tasks

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What Is Receivables Servicing?  

An open-account transaction is when goods are shipped and delivered in advance of payment by the buyer. This can increase competitiveness for the vendor, but also adds to their risk. Receivables servicing offers companies with sizeable open-account receivables a mechanism to streamline credit and collections tasks and enhance risk management.

Benefits Of Receivables Servicing

  • Reduce credit and operational risks
  • Obtain tailored credit risk cover from a funding partner on all or selected receivables through GSCF
  • Complete transparency on receivables, with real-time information available 24/7 through GSCF’s dedicated web portal (GIS)
  • Improve days payable outstanding (DPO)
  • Improve liquidity without increasing debt*
  • No need to pledge assets as guarantee

* Subject to agreement by buyer’s auditor

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