Program structuring

Experienced structuring experts are empowered to offer fully customized programs, tailored to companies´ requirements. GSCF will find the program structure that best fits the company´s specific objectives, including the selection of the right funder/s, optimal set-up to achieve balance-sheet objectives, credit risk enhancements and efficient processes amongst others. GSCF can deal with the highest level of complexity, across industries and jurisdictions.

Risk management

GSCF has credit-sensitive tools within its platform that minimize the credit risk involved in programs. These include tracking of obligors´ payment behavior, aging reports, risk ratings, automatic alerts and notifications of due payments to all parties involved, etc. GSCF works in partnership with the world´s largest credit insurers and its platform can be calibrated to automatically comply with insurance policy requirements. Due to this, credit insurers often have increased appetite for programs serviced by GSCF. Additionally, GSCF has an experienced team of Credit Analysts that monitor obligors, analyze their financial statements and rate them according to their financial standing and payment behavior. Lastly, the automation and transparency granted by the use of GSCF Information System (GIS), added to GSCF´s compliance with the utmost security levels, fully mitigates the operational risk involved, regardless of program size, large volume, data and complexity.


As a neutral servicer, GSCF can manage SCF programs that are financed by any bank or even self-funded by the client itself. Given its strong partnership with key global banks, GSCF can offer its clients access to competitive bank financing. Additionally, GSCF offers the possibility of using its own vehicle “Alternative Distribution Financing (ADF)” as the funder, which gives clients access to ample liquidity from diverse funding sources – including non-banks – whilst dealing with one single counterpart (ADF).

State-of-the-art processing platform

GSCF´s processing services are based on its proprietary, award-winning technology platform called GSCF Information Services (GIS). GSCF´s servicing ensures total transparency over all aspects of programs in real-time, fully automated processes, alerts and notifications, in addition to wide-ranging and customizable reporting capabilities. GIS is a highly secure and flexible environment that processes multiple currencies, supports 14 languages and can handle obligors in any jurisdiction.

Expertise & track record

GSCF is the leading servicer of SCF programs globally with a quarter of a century of successful experience and an impeccable reputation amongst clients and partners. GSCF is highly regarded in the marketplace due to its outstanding services, innovative products and constructive approach ingrained in the company´s culture.