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January 2019

Working at GSCF Group

GSCF as a valued employer

During over a quarter of a century of existence as Servicer in the Supply Chain Finance sector working with banking partners, Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) has employed professionals with diverse backgrounds. From Software Developers and Program Managers/Operators to Financial Analysts with over 20 different nationalities, each one has been a contributor to the GSCF Group’s continued success. This diversity of individuals has allowed GSCF to become a truly multicultural company able to excel in the response to the needs of its clients spread worldwide.

Being a mid-size company, GSCF has maintained a family-like environment where each employee is a valuable “piece of the puzzle”, whilst at the same time it has nurtured a working culture based on innovation, discipline and team work. The attributes of GSCF as a valued employer are evidenced by its low staff turnover and the high percentage of former employees returning to GSCF after working elsewhere.

Testimonies from some recent re-joiners

After having explored externally, GSCF re-joiners have come to realize three key benefits of working at GSCF.

Firstly, they appreciate GSCF´s organizational style, characterized for being agile, flexible and with a fast decision making structure. As mentioned by Grzegorz, a Senior Software Engineer from Poland who spent six years working at very large firms before returning to GSCF, “I like the pace in which GSCF operates, where things can be done quickly, without unnecessary delays and processes. I greatly missed GSCF’s flexibility to adjust to changing conditions and its openness to new interesting technologies”. Kateryna, a Senior Software Tester from Ukraine, who returned to GSCF after a short tenure in the banking sector, added that “GSCF’s set-up is very straightforward and has a short decision making process that allows you to act fast and focus on the task at hand”.

Secondly, re-joiners highlight the motivation and development opportunities within GSCF. Magdalena, a Business Operations Manager from Uruguay, commented that amongst the things she values the most from working at GSCF are “the diversity of tasks and that each working day is different from the previous one. The challenges that I face every day at GSCF enable my personal and professional growth”.

Finally, re-joiners appreciate GSCF´s unique company culture that combines a highly professional environment, with a friendly and highly supportive atmosphere. Daniel, a Swiss Senior System Engineer that spent two years working in IT consulting before returning to GSCF, mentioned that he values “working in an international culture with colleagues from all over the planet. GSCF is a place where I like to go to work every day”.

Duygu Gazik, Head of Human Capital Management at GSCF outlined: “The shared feeling towards the GSCF family is that of support. Employees feel secure, supported and valued by the company. At GSCF, we strive to motivate people to perform to the best of their abilities”.