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December 2008

Opening of new offices to cover worldwide operations

Supporting the increasing market demand for worldwide Supply Chain and Distribution Financing coverage, Global Supply Chain Finance (GSCF), announces the opening of an operations office in Montevideo, Uruguay (GSCF Americas S.A.).

The location and the country for this new office were selected very carefully”, said Kendall Stevens, CEO of GSCF. “Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America and is well known for being politically stable, for having one of the world’s highest level of literacy and for its qualified workforce”. GSCF Americas office is located in Zonamerica, a modern tech-center in Montevideo from where, starting in January 2009, its staff will manage the operational support of Supply Chain Financing (Buyer centric) and Distribution Financing (Seller centric) programs.

In April 2009, GSCF will open a similar operations office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which will cover the Asia Pacific region. “GSCF will offer 24/7 operations service for Receivables and Payables based programs to its partnering banks and credit insurers while covering most of the languages spoken in the world”, added Kendall Stevens.

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