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May 2017

Launch of new platform for managing financing programs of leading OEMs

Committed to being the leading arranger and servicer in the distribution financing industry, GSCF is proud to announce the latest release of its processing platform, GSCF Information System, or GIS. GIS is a specialized system used to manage financing programs involving leading OEMs and their buyers worldwide.   

In this third version, known as “GIS-2”, GIS has developed from its original role as a dedicated reporting platform, to becoming a highly interactive and flexible application. Intuitively designed with a modern look and feel, GIS-2 considers individual users’ roles and specific reporting needs to ensure all relevant data is readily accessible to OEMs, buyers, financing and credit insurance institutions.

With consolidated views of data and innovative navigation features, the use of GIS-2 is more intuitive than the earlier version thus enabling increased productivity. GIS-2 is accessible through all internet-enabled devices, making real time information of financing programs available at the fingertips of all key decision makers, anytime, anywhere.

Rose Mony Chirayath, Head of Technology at GSCF, commented: “At GSCF we strive to stay ahead with technology by applying the simple rules of anticipating and capturing”.

“We believe GIS-2 will quickly prove itself as a valuable business tool for GSCF’s clients.  The ability to access the system on mobile devices will be particularly useful for sales and credit managers who will be able to retrieve key relationship data during customer meetings – for instance credit limit availability or utilization history for previous quarter ends” said Kendall Stevens, CEO of GSCF.

GIS-2 will become available to all GSCF clients as of July, 2017. “We expect a high level of interest as clients start to use GIS-2 as a tool for driving sales, managing credit risk and monitoring their working capital programs more closely using the further enhanced reporting and statistics available” added Stevens.

Sample view of GIS-2:

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