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December 2019

Interview: GSCF behind the scenes

In this interview, Program Structuring Managers Magdalena Cristiani and Victoria Ardao describe what GSCF´s backstage is like. They are responsible for the set-up of new programs serviced by GSCF, ensuring that the programs´ processes are aligned with the contractual requirements. They are also in charge of monitoring the performance and deliverables of existing programs operated by GSCF.

How is it like to work “behind the scenes”?

Every day at GSCF is different and vibrant, which makes coming to work so interesting. Our business days are always busy and usually filled with client calls, live demos of our platform, internal meetings to discuss and brainstorm on solutions, structuring new programs or accommodating new requirements to existing ones. Furthermore, when required, we attend workshops at client’s premises where they present their existing processes and needs and we explain and demo how our services could improve the way they operate and reduce workload.

What are the key aspects when setting up a new program?

Listening to the client’s requirements and translating them into an offer which provides the best solution for all program stakeholders is important to ensure the success of a program. It is key for us to assess and consider the expectations of the different parties, which at times can even be conflicting, in order to design a solution which can be ultimately of benefit to all stakeholders.

What are the main challenges you encounter?

New challenges arise on a daily basis, not only in relation to new programs for which we are continuously designing solutions, but also to existing ones, as we are constantly trying to innovate and add features that may result in more efficient processes. Probably, the biggest challenge we face is convincing the different stakeholders of the advantages of changing outdated processes to smoother, more efficient and transparent ones.

Why do you think clients select GSCF over other providers?

Clients prefer us because we understand their needs very well and make things work for them in a fast and accurate manner. We work with advanced technology, offer innovative solutions and provide high-standard services at all times. This is possibly supported by the combination of our proprietary platform and our highly experienced team, with senior staff members being in the company for over 15+ years. Clients and partners praise GSCF’s flexibility, “out of the box” thinking and stable environment.

What do you like the most about your job and being with GSCF?

In our jobs, each day offers new challenges that are resolved with creativity and team work. At GSCF, we are very proud of our solution-oriented and proactive approach, which has placed us in a unique position as a key structuring and servicing partner of complex working capital financing programs for many corporates and financial institutions worldwide.