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February 2019

GSCF’s New Platform: Positive feedback from users

Following some busy months, Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) is glad to announce the full migration of programs to its new processing platform GSCF Information System (GIS-2).

GIS-2 is a highly interactive and flexible platform for processing and reporting Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable based financing programs, accessible by OEMs, buyers, financing and credit insurance companies using all internet-enabled devices. Built in-house with advanced technology, the platform has features highly appreciated by users, including the fully automated handling of programs, the credit-risk sensitive processes and the rating of obligors based on their payment behavior amongst others.

The feedback received from GIS-2 users, mainly funders and companies from multiple industries and from over 100 countries, has been overwhelmingly positive. Users regard GIS-2 as a very complete tool that provides access to real-time data of programs and a wide range of useful statistics. “It is clear that the new GSCF portal has been well thought through, as it displays the exact information we require and it is very easy to navigate”, said a GIS-2 user from a large OEM. “The intuitive design of the new platform enables a fast and accurate decision making by our team members”, added another GIS-2 user from a European IT Distribution company.
Furthermore, funders consider the tool as comprehensive, yet straightforward, with value-added credit limit and credit risk management features. Users agree that the personalization feature that allows tailoring the views based on own preferences is highly valuable.

Parvathy Kurup, Head Software Development at GSCF, commented: “We worked very hard in the development of GIS-2, so it is really rewarding to receive the praise and enthusiastic response from our clients. We trust that our new platform will further consolidate GSCF as the leading service provider in the market for the years to come”.

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