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January 2010

GSCF´s syndication capabilities enable growth of Supply Chain Finance

Demand for supply chain finance has surged as banks began to adjust their risk management policies and capital allocation models. The debt syndication market is a way to meet this demand, however the multiple stakeholders involved in supply chain finance programs and the large volume of data has made them difficult to syndicate, until now.

GSCF´s platform with syndication capabilities at its core, can solve these problems. The following are the main features offered to lead (fronting) banks and their participants:

  • Transparency to all stakeholders (Supplier, Buyer, Funder and Participant) via a dedicated web-portal, with ‘drill down’ option to select each individual transaction
  • Management of multiple forms of risk sharing (pro-rata, specific accounts, one-off transactions, etc.)
  • Automated processes between the lead bank and each participant (invitation generation, acceptance, settlement, notifications and reconciliation)

Kendall Stevens, CEO of GSCF commented: “The growth of supply chain finance can be greatly enhanced with increased syndication of programs and our platform is a key enabler of this growth. Transparency is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Real time information is now required by participants to effectively manage their risk. GSCF is proud to be associated with innovative and forward thinking financial institutions that are setting new standards in the syndication market”.

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