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March 2016

GSCF introduces new financing product

Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF), has launched a new product type called Distribution Financing Turbo. It consists in the addition of a “Turbo” component to an existing Distribution Financing program, whereby selected buyers can extend payment terms further via the execution of individual Trade Payables Financing facilities. The Turbo is typically proposed by the Vendor (Originator) of the underlying Distribution Financing program, which obtains the following benefits:

  • Can accommodate special cases involving buyers with longer tenors required
  • No impact on its working capital (Days Sales Outstanding remain unchanged)
  • No legal engagement
  • Enhance buyer relationship
  • Grow sales

The buyers engaged in Distribution Financing Turbo are companies requiring further extension of terms, individually chosen for their satisfactory credit standing and good performance in the Distribution Financing program. GSCF’s financing arm Alternative Distribution Financing Ltd. (ADF) is actively supporting this initiative, with a very diligent approach which ensures a fast implementation of the Turbo.

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