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June 2021

GSCF celebrates its 30 Year Anniversary

Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this month. Kendall Stevens, founder and CEO of the GSCF Group, reflects on the path followed by the company and how it reached this big milestone.

“A lot happened in these three decades! It seems like a long time since we decided to spin-off from the multinational food/non-food retailer that we were part of and became independent. It has been an extraordinary journey, full of enthusiasm, great ideas, challenges, opportunities and of course, some mistakes that helped us fine tune our strategy and ultimately become the leading servicer in the market.

We grew from being initially focused on Accounts Payable (A/P) centralization structures and other A/P based financing programs mainly for retailers in Europe, to concentrating on the Accounts Receivable (A/R) financing space. Given our expertise in credit and our credit-sensitive processes, we identified that the A/R area was where we could add the most value. Therefore, throughout the years we developed and perfectioned our proprietary processing platform, staying faithful to our core objectives of providing accuracy, efficiency, automation and transparency to all stakeholders in our programs.

During the journey, GSCF worked with an array of financial institutions and credit insurers, which allowed the company to deliver comprehensive servicing of A/R and A/P-based financing solutions to corporate clients around the world, mainly in the technology industry.

With the launch of Alternative Distribution Financing Ltd. (ADF), the GSCF Group expanded the offering. ADF acts as a fronting funder and offers a multi-funder solution for A/R and A/P programs which proved to be attractive for companies in different industries and geographies, and gained interest from a wide range of alternative investors.

Today, GSCF is a company with a strong reputation in the market, robust relationships with a pool of funding partners and an undisputed leading technology. With the recent investment from a Blackstone fund and our proven products, the GSCF Group is well positioned to remain as a key player in the market and consolidate exciting growth in the years to come.”

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