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April 2019

Credit Agricole CIB approves GSCF as vendor of services

Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) is glad to announce that Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (CACIB), New York Branch has approved GSCF as vendor of services. Following the execution of a Master Service Agreement (MSA), CACIB will be able to use GSCF’s servicing expertise and its state-of-the-art platform for processing financing programs based on companies` accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Mona Ghazzaoui, Managing Director – Receivable and Payable Financing Americas within CACIB, commented: “We have chosen to work with GSCF given its advanced technology and great support team, which will ensure that our programs run smoothly regardless of their complexity. More importantly, we are confident that with GSCF’s automated processes and credit-intelligence, operational and credit risks will be significantly minimized”.

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