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July 2017

Activation of new programs for leading technology OEMs & their buyers

Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) is proud to announce the activation of new programs involving two leading technology manufacturers and their strategically important buyers.

These programs have two different structures:

  • A Distribution Financing program that enables the originating IT OEM to extend payment terms offered to its selected portfolio of buyers, fueling sales in an off balance-sheet manner; i.e. without impacting its DSO* or increasing credit risk exposure. The buyers in turn benefit from the additional working capital and strengthen their relationship with the OEM.
  • Trade Payables Financing whereby an IT-distributor finances the extension of its confirmed payables towards the OEM.

These multi-currency, cross-border programs with aggregated limits exceeding EUR 300 million are financed directly by GSCF’s partner banks.

“We expect a higher pace of program activation in the second half of the year, driven by the working capital constrains in the market (mainly in the U.S.) and the increasing liquidity available. We are very excited about the opportunities laying ahead and are ready from a technical standpoint to master them as a holistic servicing platform.” said Kendall Stevens, CEO of GSCF.

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