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April 2019

Credit Agricole CIB approves GSCF as vendor of services

GSCF is appointed by Credit Agricole CIB as vendor of services for the processing of financing programs based on receivables and payables of companies.

February 2019

GSCF’s New Platform: Positive feedback from users

Clients are thrilled with GSCF´s new processing platform, which is considered an excellent tool with the right information and well-thought out design.

January 2019

Working at GSCF Group

Read testimonies of GSCF employees that having left the company for some time, decided to return to work for GSCF.

January 2019

Credit Insurance in the Supply Chain Finance market

This report analyses the credit risk level in Supply Chain Finance and explains why credit insurance is used as a risk mitigation tool. The importance of the servicer as a way to maximize the benefits from credit insurance is examined.

December 2018

Zug Innovation Award: 10th Anniversary

GSCF celebrates the tenth anniversary of obtaining Zug´s Innovation Prize with intact passion for creativity and entrepreneurship.

July 2018

4 reasons for having Supply Chain Finance programs over one provider

Read about the four key benefits of centralizing receivables and payables based financing programs over one specialized servicing platform.