Over recent years, banks have come under increasing regulatory and compliance pressure, impacting companies through reduced lending capacity and increased funding costs. These challenges resulted in companies having to set up multiple banking relationships which involve extensive administration and replication of processes, including due diligence (e.g. Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering procedures), credit approvals and management of multiple banking relationships.

GSCF supports companies to overcome these challenges by offering program financing via its own funding vehicle, Alternative Distribution Financing (ADF). ADF´s investor-base is formed by banks and institutional investors with access to vast sources of liquidity which allows ADF to accommodate large-size transactions and offer attractive financing rates.

Benefits of ADF

  • Attractive alternative to direct bank financing
  • Achieve financing diversification while dealing with only one counterpart: ADF
  • Access to convenient financing terms
  • ADF manages all of the KYC, AML and administrative requirements with third parties, allowing companies to dedicate more time to running their businesses
  • Greater flexibility in program structuring, with the possibility of accommodating growth and allowing for specific accounting treatment of programs
  • Reduced administration and enhanced efficiency by centralizing all SCF programs with GSCF, achieving economies of scale
  • Benefit from the GSCF Group’s expertise, its highly experienced team and successful track record in structuring and managing all SCF program types worldwide

To learn more about ADF, please visit our dedicated website