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Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) is a world-class expert in Accounts Receivable and Payable Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programs, specializing in structuring, management and reporting, with the precision of a Swiss watch. Through its vast experience and advanced technology platform, GSCF implements highly-tailored financing programs for global corporates resulting in increased competitiveness, optimized working capital and reduced credit risk. GSCF maintains strategic partnerships with the leading global banks, large non-bank investors and credit insurers to provide clients with comprehensive solutions. With the launch of Alternative Distribution Financing Ltd. (ADF), GSCF’s funding vehicle, the GSCF Group has effectively become a single source solution for companies seeking all-inclusive Supply Chain Financing programs. GSCF’s approach comprises of a customized program setup that address the specific working capital needs of corporates, provision of ample financing and ongoing program management via the industry’s leading processing platform. Today, GSCF manages numerous programs containing thousands of obligors based in 95 jurisdictions with multi-billion dollar individual program limits. GSCF is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and has a back-office in Montevideo, Uruguay, for additional coverage.

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  • Since 1991, GSCF has successfully structured and serviced Accounts Payable based programs (known as Supplier Financing) for large multinational buying groups in industries such as food distribution, building materials and outdoor apparel.
  • The development of software and electronic communication means led GSCF to increasingly automate its processes. These efforts culminated in the first release of its proprietary software, the company’s processing and reporting platform in 1997.
  • In 2002, GSCF released its proprietary credit-intelligent processing software which was used to support distribution financing programs with buyers in over 50 countries. Since then, receivables based programs have become the core business of GSCF.
  • Over the years, GSCF has developed partnerships with multiple funding entities and leading credit insurers to support its programs.
  • In 2013, GSCF launched Alternative Distribution Financing (ADF) a special purpose company that aggregates liquidity from multiple investors in order to fund SCF programs which are structured and serviced by GSCF.
  • GSCF has always remained at the forefront of innovation, both in terms of technology developments and new products designed to meet the evolving working capital needs of leading companies.